Seaside Cheese Company - Cape May, NJ

A few weeks ago we visited the Seaside Cheese Company in Cape May and purchased a few cheeses. I was looking for a cheese that paired well with Syrah and I certainly found it.

I chose the Smoked Gouda and when we arrived at our destination later that day the Syrah was opened and the snacking began. The smokiness of the Gouda, on pretzel chips, really paired well with the Syrah and I found myself eating more and more.

While I was very pleased with the Gouda and the couple of other cheeses we purchased, Seaside Cheese also operates Cafe Fromage with a number of interesting sounding offerings with the star of the show being, you guessed it, cheese! So, if you are in the Cape May area stop in at the Seaside Cheese Company and find that next cheese to pair with your favorite wine.

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