BREWERY REVIEW #3: Slack Tide Brewing Company

We have been meaning to get up to visit Slack Tide Brewing Company outside of Avalon for some time now, but unfortunately their hours generally don’t match up with our schedules. Luckily, as a result of something else being cancelled, yesterday we finally were able to make the short trip up the Parkway to try it out. The tasting room is perhaps the smallest of those we’ve seen yet, but it’s roomy enough and nicely decorated, with the wooden planks nailed to the ceiling being a particularly pleasant touch. Unlike other area breweries, the mandatory pre-tasting tour is actually guided by one of the proprietors, though we would imagine increasing business will eventually cause a change to this policy.

We opted to each get a flight of 4 beers to get a good idea of what was on offer, and found all of them to be quite tasty. First up was the Stone Harbor Wheat. This one had a strong bitterness about it, but still was pleasantly refreshing and imminently drinkable, winding up perhaps being my 2nd favorite of the 4. Next we gave the Bucktail a try, and found it to have enjoyably strong chocolate flavors. 3rd, and my favorite, was Bell Buoy, which had the classic beer flavor everyone comes to expect, with hints of vanilla. Lastly was Treble Hook, the strongest beer on offer at 10.5% alcohol, which tasted similar to the Bell Buoy, only less sweet.  There was something about it that I couldn’t quite place, but which reminded me vaguely of cheddar cheese, and made me think they would make a perfect pairing.

All in all we found everything we tried to be pretty delicious. The atmosphere was fun, relaxed and comfortable and the staff was both knowledgeable and very eager to help. It was a great experience that we wholeheartedly recommend you try. Slack Tide is a worthy addition to the local brewery scene and we look forward to drinking some more of their beer soon.


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