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WINE REVIEW #7: Michael David Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

An important part of any meal is a good wine, and we certainly lucked out in bringing this bottle as one of our choices during our recent dinner at the Peter Shields Inn. It made for a perfect match with the cheese course I had at the end of the meal, though it would be a delicious pairing with a nice steak, or other hearty dish. The bottle draws your attention, as does the rich deep color of the wine when you pour it into the glass. It has a rich aroma and feels velvety and opulent in the mouth. There is a pronounced plum flavor with hints of juniper berry. The first sip put a smile on our faces that remained there through the rest of the bottle. This is a new favorite wine that we will definitely be returning to again and again. GRADE: A+



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WINE REVIEW #1: Gentleman's Collection 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

There are many opinions about wines out there already, and many of them are from people with far more training and qualifications to offer them than me. When it comes to matters of taste however, there really isn’t anything that makes anyone’s more or less valid than anyone else’s, no matter what some would have you believe. With that, we are proud to begin offering brief reviews of wines as we try them, and hopefully will include some opinions about entire wineries in our area in the near future. To kick things off, we have the cabernet sauvignon from the Gentleman’s Collection. We picked this up at the store simply on the strength of the well-designed packaging. As you know, the old adage warning against judging a book by its cover is very often well worth heeding, but thankfully in this case, it did not apply. This is a mellow, velvety cab, that goes down exceptionally smooth. There is a hint of tartness, and some subtle chocolate notes are present, but the most immediately notable feature is the rich, buttery aroma. This all combines for a very satisfying and enjoyable experience that is hard to resist. This was a perfect choice for an evening spent with family and friends and is a wine I will definitely be revisiting in the near future. GRADE: A



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