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Cape May Wine & Food Experience


In a couple of days, what we knew as the Cape May Wine Festival, will be underway from 12pm Saturday, October 8, 2016 through 5pm Sunday, October 9, 2016 at the NASW Aviation Museum of Cape May. We are very much looking forward to this year's event!

A group of us went last year and had a fantastic time. Our friends Drew and his then-fiancée, now-wife, Sue made the trek down here. (Did I mention we had so much fun at their wedding?) At any rate, our entourage at the wine festival also included our friends, Kim and Michelle, and Sean's mother, Marcie.

The hangar at the airport where the event has been held the last couple of years was quite spacious and there were wineries from all over the area. We sipped, laughed, shopped, and had a great time. Here's a tidbit of information, that wine festival was actually the inspiration for us to start our own online store selling wine accessories, Cork & Plate.

When you enter the event, at least as it was last year, you were handed a listing of all the wineries and the wines available so you could keep notes which came in handy as there were, obviously, a lot of wines available. As we made our rounds to all of the tables, Sean stumbled upon a variety of wine he hadn't tried before and fell in love with, Cabernet Franc. This particular wine he sampled was by Cedarvale Winery in Logan Township, NJ. Take a guess as to what one of his Christmas presents was last year? Myself, I came across a wine called Harmony by CodaRossa Winery in Franklinville, NJ and was amazed at how much it tasted like grape jelly. Yes, I did have it with breakfast a time or two!

Seventeen wineries are expected to be present and they include: Auburn Road Vineyards, Bellview Winery (try the Fiesta if you like a sweeter wine), Cape May Winery, Cava Winery, Chestnut Run Farm, Coda Rossa Winery, DiBella Winery, DiMatteo Vineyards, Hawk Haven Vineyard, Heritage Vineyards, Monroeville Winery, Plagido’s Winery, Sharrott Winery, Tomasello Winery, Valenzano Winery, Villari Vineyards, and Wagonhouse Winery. Unfortunately, Cedarvale Winery does not appear in the list so I'm not sure if it was accidentally left off or they really will not be there. Sean will not be happy.

What really excited me to hear of the rebranding for this year's event is a greater emphasis on food. Food and wine together are quite an experience and this year, from what their website says, there will be special chef demonstrations over the two days. Scheduled to appear are Diane Henderiks, Erik Weatherspool, Mike Colameco, and Marilyn Schlossbach.

If you jump on it, like right now, you can get advance tickets for $25 + fee until 10/6/16 by clicking here or it is $30 at the event. The price includes a free souvenir glass and sampling. Rain or shine we will be there walking around getting our sample on.

Around the festival grounds there will be classic Cape May airport airplanes and if a member of your group is not so big on wine, very nearby is the Cape May Brewing Company, where we continued our sampling last year after the event. They have done some great renovations since we posted our review earlier in the year and we're sure you will be very pleasantly surprised. I recommend the Mop Water, a great-tasting beer, perfect for fall. Another one to try is Devil's Reach, which is usually how Sean starts out his visit there!

So, have a wonderful time at the festival, tag us on Instagram @corkandplate or Twitter @cork_and_plate, we'd love to see you having fun! Even better, we might see you out there!

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