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BREWERY REVIEW #2: Cold Spring Brewery

Historic Cold Spring Village here in Cape May County, accurately billed as a "living museum", might initially seem like an odd place to find a microbrewery, but it turns out to be a perfect fit. Upon entering, one feels like you've wandered into an old roadside tavern after parking your horse outside (or like you've entered one of the inns in Skyrim). There is a good amount of room to sit and enjoy one of the 4 beers they have on hand at opening. Just look at those bar stools!

For this first visit I tried the Cold Spring Red, and I have to say I loved it. It had a complex flavor that started out smooth and fruity and ended on a pleasantly bitter note. At 6% alcohol/volume it isn't an exceptionally strong brew, though it did leave me feeling pretty happy, so it does seem to pack an outsize punch. Patrick had the Hildreth German Wheat and said it had a nice tartness and bitterness to it. A staff member even introduced us to a beer rating app called Untappd which we immediately signed up for to rate the beer.

Here is a picture of the bar top which is absolutely beautiful and a picture of the footrest.

Cold Spring Brewery BartopFootrest








Since we were there during Celtic Festival this weekend we just had to take a picture of the Scotsman in a kilt and what I presumed to be a claymore. (Reminds me of a Black Adder episode.)


Between the atmosphere, incredibly friendly staff and the beer, I can easily see this becoming another of my favorite area hangouts and one I will definitely be visiting again, probably later today!

Note: Patrick and I both contributed to this post.


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