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Immediately upon hearing of this new restaurant’s concept, I was intrigued. For $30 per person, you are given 15 “courses” of the chef’s choosing. Having a curated dinner experience with all the decision making left in the hands of the kitchen is a unique experience, and one I was eager to have for myself. So it was, that Brett, Patrick and I excitedly made this our next dining destination.

The first “course” was a homemade herbed butter and bread, which was very good but did feel vaguely like cheating, since complimentary bread is somewhat expected wherever one goes. Things got more interesting immediately after that. You may note that I have been putting the word course in quotations. This is because each round is really more of a taste than a full course as we Americans have come to imagine it, and because in some cases, multiple “courses” were presented simultaneously. I in no way mean that as a complaint however, as when all was said and done, we were all quite full, and every time more than one dish arrived at the same time, there was a clear logic to presenting them together.

I absolutely loved every bite presented to me, with the standouts being the sausage soup shooter, pork pâté, the charcuterie courses, and a chicken wing that was cooked perfectly and served with a delicious Asian-influenced sauce. The salad was also a delight, consisting of radishes, onions, cucumbers, and soft bread croutons that soaked up the dressing, providing bursts of flavor each time I bit into one.

The service was very pleasant and knowledgeable, always providing a thorough description of each item presented. The chef even makes it a point to come out and talk to each group, which adds a pleasantly personal touch to the whole evening. The décor is unlike anything I’ve seen in any other local restaurant and gives the place a special, quirky charm. Between the quality of the food and the manner it’s presented, I feel like I now know what it must be like to be a judge on “Top Chef” on a day when all the contestants are really on point. This was a dining experience I won’t soon forget and one I hope to replicate again soon.



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