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NJ Might Make Expiration Dates Easy Again

It looks like one part of the food handling process is poised to get some much needed simplification. A bipartisan group of New Jersey lawmakers has recently introduced legislation in the statehouse that would revamp the way stores and manufacturers label expiration dates on their products. Rather than the current litany of possible wordings available to them, it would pare it down to 2: "Use By" or "Best If Used By". The first would be for foods that are more easily perishable, and the second for those that may being to deteriorate in quality but which would still be safe to consume afterwards. This should greatly reduce the amount of confusion in our cupboards and the food waste that goes along with it, should it pass. Hopefully it will lead to similar changes around the nation as well, providing the same benefits to people who aren't fortunate enough to find themselves in the Garden State.

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