Brew: Pour Over and Coffee Mug Set


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Great gift for coffee lovers! We thought this product was very stylish when we first saw it and then we researched "pour over". Wow! While you can simply make a great tasting cup of coffee with this set, if you were feeling a little adventurous you could try the traditional pour over method. Either way, this product will work!

Includes a ceramic pour over, drip tray, and ceramic 12 oz. coffee cup. We use 3 1/4" paper coffee filters.

This product ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for delivery.

Want to try the traditional pour over method? We're not baristas but through our research:

  1. Heat tea kettle of water to approximately 206° Fahrenheit (gooseneck tea kettle is best)
  2. Place pour over on top of coffee cup
  3. Place empty filter into pour over
  4. Wet filter to rinse away particles in paper filter and minimize papery taste
  5. Empty water from coffee cup
  6. Add medium-ground coffee, evenly distributed
  7. Add small amount of water to center of coffee grounds to bloom (there should be little to no water dripping through at this point)
  8. After about 30-45 seconds begin pouring water, starting in center and working outward in expanding circles (do not extend all the way to the edge)
  9. Pour for about 20 seconds, then wait 30-40 seconds. Repeat.
  10. After about 3-4 minutes, you're done!
  11. Place pour over onto drip tray and enjoy your cup of coffee!

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